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Trade Alert!

The Stonecutters have acquired Mat Latos from The Trevor Wilson Posse for Ian Kennedy and Dustin Ackley.


Trade Alert!

The Malicious McCrackens and The Stonecutters have agreed to a trade. The Malicious McCrackens received Mark Reynolds, BJ Upton, and Clay Buccholz. The Stonecutters received Alex Rodriguez, Josh Beckett, and Ian Kennedy.

Legion of Goons Acquire Calros Gonzalez

The Phantom Brigade get:
Ricky Romero
The Legion of Goons get:

Carlos Gonzalez

Dustin Ackley Moved to The Kosher Nostra

The Seasoned Rookies and The Stonecutters have made a trade. The Seasoned Rookies received Trevor Cahill and Shane Victorino for Dustin Ackley and Marlon Byrd.

Nelson Cruz Traded to The Dead Rebels

The Devil Company acquired Nelson Cruz for Johan Santana from The Phantom Brigade.