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2011 Deep Dynasty Draft

Will be held soon after the Baseball Playoffs end.
Here are some new rules I am fleshing out.
The bottom three Ramrod Teams will get and extra dynasty pick after the first round of ten picks. They will technicaly have picks #11 for last, #12 for 2nd Last, and #13 for Third Last.
# 11 – Last
# 12 – 2nd Last
# 13 – 3rd Last
Also, this year Daniel, Adam, and Nathan will be rewarded and extra pick. They did not have the chance to pick players from the waiver wire like Patrick and Devon were able to, they had to choose from a list of shitty relivers we dropped, then they didnt get anything. This wont completely atone for past faults but it should help. These picks will be in order from the years they joined.
# 14 – Nathan
# 15 – Daniel
# 16 – Adam
You will only be able to trade your “natural pick” All extra round Dynasty picks are not trade elidgable.
Also, if your Deep Dynasty Pick does not go on the player list the year you draft him you will still maintain rights to that player and will be allowed to make your next years pick with out punishment


The Stonecutters have traded Chad Billingsley to The Phantom Brigade for Chase Headley and the rights to The Phantom Brigade’s 2011 Deep Dynasty pick.

Trade Alert

The Phantom Brigade and the Fightin’ Rauls completed a trade over the All Star Break. THe Phantom Brigade received Dayan Viciedo and Francisco Liriano in exchange for Johan Santana and Aramis Ramirez.

Football Is Ready

Players Will be on Waivers until Friday, July 23.

You will have atleast 5 roster posistions to fill.

Good Luck.