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5 RDL Baseball Questions, Fightin' Fidels, Hebrew Nationals, Virtuous Pagans

5 R.D.L. Baseball Questions?

1. Are the Fightn’ Fidels a lock to repeat for a 4th straight year?

          – Almost. The Fightn’ Fidels not only have the two most powerful CG/SHO pitchers in the league on their staff (C. Lee, R. Halladay), but they are also returning a slew of talented young players who were injured for the most part of the 2010 season (K. Morales, D. Pedroia, A. Bailey). Though their R.M.A. team has some talented pieces, they are all a few seasons away, so in order for the Fidels to repeat again they have to hope for another strong season from their veteran core and a couple of good mid-season trades/pick ups to solidify their bench positions.

2. Who are the real Hebrew Nationals? 
          – Over the first month into the 2010 season the Nationals were competing for last place, but by the end of the season were able to make some beneficial moves that allowed them to move back into 5th place. The answer is obvious here. Justin W is one of the premier owners in the league, and proved last year that he could do what he needed to get done in case a disaster struck. The beginning of the 2010 season for the Nationals was a fluke, and I expect them vying for a trophy in the 2011 campaign.
3. Will certain owners increase their league awareness/roster management activity in order to keep pace with the rest of the league?

          – Yes. These managers have been told that if they cannot handle the work load of being a Ramrod owner that they need to find a Co-manager to actively run the day to day roster management, or they will be assigned one by the league; and also that their participation on this blog is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.
4. What team is going to be the surprise squad of the year? 
          – The Virtuous Pagans (formally the Seasoned Veterans) were in the middle of the pack last season until a string of injuries decelerated the progress the team was making. After having an excellent R.M.A. draft, the Pagans have set them selves up for more of the same prospect for prime style trades that allowed them to flourish in the early part of the 2010 season. I would not be surprised to see an emptied R.M.A. squad for a  much improved starting lineup by the All-Star break. I could see a 5th or 6th place finish here.
5. Who is the most important player to their Ramrod team?
          – It is a tie. The Fightn’ Fidels C. Lee and R. Halladay. The fact is they can almost guarantee to finish 1st in CG’s and SHO’s, and that gives the Fightn’ Fidels a 17-20 point advantage in the standings. They are the foundation of the Fidels rotation, and two of the main reasons why they have won three straight Ramrod Baseball Gold Medals.

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7 thoughts on “5 R.D.L. Baseball Questions?

  1. 1- I picked those players for that exact reason, I did not need guys that would have to contribute this year. Choice is the closest even though he was drafted last year. Being a college player means he's older and further along than 17-19 year olds. I've been able to make those picks ups along the way the last few years and I have faith in my abilities to do it again. Especially because 60% of the league think players disappear after the age of 31.2-Agreed 3- I have to see it to believe it and right now things are hazy.4-I think the bottom teams are horrid enough that Pat, in year two of fantasy sports, can surpass them.5- Agreed. Those two guys are top 5 ramrod pitchers due to the CG/SHO.

    Posted by Guru | January 29, 2011, 10:51 am
  2. Question #3: Certain owners are on thin ice and they know it. They will get it done or we will find someone who can.

    Posted by Dead Rebel | January 29, 2011, 6:37 pm
  3. 1. Nobody is a lock for anything in sports. However, as far as I know, Gomez' squad is still intact. That team dominated last season. Dominated. It would be foolish to bet against that team this season. 2. I have complete faith in Walls. His team flagged last season (a mix of bad luck and inactivity) and he compensated for a great deal of it through trades and smart pick-ups. He should be able to compete for a money finish. 3. If the RMAs don't spur these guys on, nothing will. 4. If Pat wants to, he can finish 6th or even 5th. But it will take a tremendous amount of wheeling and dealing. 5. I actually think Joe Mauer is the most important Ramrod baseball player. That type of production out of the C position is a luxury and a considerable advantage. Brian McCann and Victor Martinez also fit this profile.

    Posted by Devon Rosene | January 29, 2011, 10:21 pm
  4. 1. I wouldn't say a lock but he has the best chance of all of us. Devon has a good chance to give him a run for his money. I prognosticate that gomez will finally have to deal with some injuries this year and how he deals with this adversity will ultimately seal his fate. I think halladay will dip slightly but i feel cliff lee will step up to the plate to fill the void. Overall prediction-Gomez wins but not by a landslide.2. Never ever ever ever question walls's fantasy prowess. Walls will have a bounce back year and most likely contend with me for fourth place and possibly third. 3. Absolutely not. We are on year 7 or 8 and the bottom feeders are still not getting it. (pat not included). Co-managers should and will help day-day activities but not the overall big picture. 4. Surprise team- Derek. I know everybody always rags on dee but i think he will finally make some moves and finish higher than expected. 5. Halladay- most important to gomez's team. Also Josh Johnson, i think he is going to be this years cy young if not in the conversation. He has ridiculous stuff and once he learns to be more economical with his pitches he will be a top 5 pitcher in the league.

    Posted by Emcee2Bee | January 30, 2011, 7:22 pm
  5. Cliff LeeBrett AndersonKendry Morales (lost for the season in June)Dustin Pedroia (lost for the season in June)Josh JohnsonJohan SantanaAndre EitherAll of those players missed a significant amount of the season. I dealt with injuries this year, two were season ending before the middle of the year. This will not be the year I finally deal with injuries because I dealt with it last year.

    Posted by Guru | January 30, 2011, 8:07 pm
  6. Funny, look at the Roll Call on this comment thread. Go figure.We should rename the league to AlexAlexDevonWallsBjDerekDan, because those are the only ones paying attention and participating.

    Posted by Dead Rebel | January 30, 2011, 9:03 pm
  7. 1. Very probable2. Agree with everyone else3. Probably.4. Kosher Nostra. Predicting a top finish for them this year. may not be that big of a surprise though.5. Going with the Fidels pitching dominance

    Posted by Daniel Ochoa | January 31, 2011, 12:01 am

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