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Sunday Ramrodio #14

– A. Wainwright Injured. What to do when you lose an All-Star.

– Re-Ranking of the Pitching Staffs

– Hockey Trade Deadline

– Basketball and Hockey trophy races

– Respects to Duke Snider, team break downs begin tomorrow.


(*Subdued sound past two weeks due to me not having the microphone sensitivity up to adequate levels. The problem has been fixed moving forward…The 1st two Ramrod Baseball preseason team breakdowns were also recorded tonight and will have the same subdued sound. Apologies to those who cannot turn the volume up on their computer)


Fantasy baseball keeper league rankings for value in 2011, 2012 and 2013 – Fantasy Baseball – ESPN

A good post by ESPN Fantasy Sports writer, T. Cockcroft. I don’t necessarily agree with all his rankings, but it is rare to see an ESPN article about Dynasty League Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy baseball keeper league rankings for value in 2011, 2012 and 2013 – Fantasy Baseball – ESPN

LaPorta Call

The Kosher Nostra traded Matt LaPorta for Michael Cuddyer and The Hebrew Nationals 1st round pick in the 2012 Ramrod Baseball Draft.

Globex Fantasy Corporation Baseball 2011

– Now a $$ League

– Draft starts at 8:00 5/21/2011 in person at the Moore Ranch

– Draft Strategy

– League Manager Roster

– Rules and Regulations

Globex Fantasy Corporation Podcast: Click Here To Listen

Ramcast: Sunday Show #12

– Dead Rebel/Phantom Brigade Baseball Trade

– R.M.A. Q&A

– Phantom Brigade and his love of SS’s

– Globex Fantasy Corporation live draft 5/21/2011


Pau Gasol Gains National-ship!!!

The Hebrew Nationals have traded Rudy Gay, Darren Collison, and Brook Lopez to The Kosher Nostra for Pau Gasol and Jason Kidd.

Another Blockbuster, Phantom Brigade Acquire Y. Gallardo

The Phantom Brigade have acquired SP Yovani Gallardo from the Dead Rebels in exchange for SP R. Romero, SP Jaime Garcia & 1st round R.M.A. pick.

* The Phantom Brigade also acquired SS Jose Iglesias for a 5th round R.M.A. pick

Ramcast: Sunday Show Ramrodio

Sunday Show #6

– Recent Baseball Trades

– Legion of Goons/Hebrew Nationals Trade

– Phantom Brigade on the Warpath

-Globex Fantasy Corporation Baseball 2011


Globex Baseball 2011

My league is up and there are a couple major changes this year. First, it’s a live, in person draft. It will take place on March 21st at Wick’s house. I was thinking 8:00 PM would work, but I’m willing to work around some people’s schedules. Also, this is a MONEY league now. The buy in is 50 bucks and the pay out is as follows:

1st: 350 Dollars
2nd: 100 Dollars
3rd: 50 Dollars
The stats have been scaled back to a traditional 5×5 format. Please sign up asap if you are interested. I believe that there is 3 more spots open. Serious fantasy managers only!
Also, Wick was kind enough to put up a blog for Globex. I will add all the pertinent information to this site in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


R.M.A. Q&A

Go ahead, ask your questions.

15 man RMA team.

You may trade draft picks officially through Yahoo!

If you trade draft picks, each team must recieve (receive) a pick. Yahoo! will never let you have less/more than 25 picks.

Rounds 16-25 all just count for a chance to pick in the supplemental round. This is for all teams that did not acquire a pick between rounds 1-15 in the trade where they moved their high round draft pick.
They intern receive a pick at the end of the draft after round 15. Too (To) accomplish this, the person acquiring the high round draft pick must send back one of there (their) 16-25 round picks.

1. At the start of the season you can transfer your current NA players to your 40-man roster.
2. Your 5 R.M.A. players and your actual Yahoo! 25-man roster account for 30 players of your 40-man roster. The extra ten spots are consider part of your R.M.A. team also.
3. This is not a Disabled list crutch. The 15 R.M.A. non-Yahoo! roster spots are only for future draft picks and NA players.
4. You can fill out your unoccupied R.M.A. spots through with NA players acquired through trade or future draft picks acquired through trade.
5. You can also transfer players that become NA after you have aquired (acquired) them. The player must be on your roster for 15 days before you can move him to your RMA team. if you use your waiver to acquire a player and that player is not on the big league roster, you may transfer him straight to your R.M.A. roster.
6. When a player loses his NA tag, his owner has 3 days to re-activate him to your R.D.L. 25-man roster.
7. PAY ATTENTION. If you pick up a player on another owners R.M.A. team, you will be punished:
1st time: Loose (Lose) the player you drooped (dropped) to waivers
2nd: Loose (Lose) 4th round pick to supplemental round at end of draft
3rd: Loose (Lose) 3rd round pick to supplemental round at end of draft
4th: Loose (Lose) 2nd round pick to supplemental round at end of draft
5th: Loose (Lose) 1st round pick to supplemental round at end of draft
Anytime after I will lock your team for a week.