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Ramrod Baseball Predictions 2011

– Who finishes where?

– Do the repeat champs repeat again?

– Who’s the biggest loser?

– Strudels for All.



Fightin’ Rauls

– Built to win in Ramrod

– A bit long in the tooth

– Three years in a row don’t lie

– Stop Lingering as Champ (it’s tearing us apart)


Kosher Nostra

– All-Stars at every posistion

– Blueprint for how to build a franchise

– Where does this team improve?

– Legit contender to championship

– Overactive nagger, Strudel Stealer


Dead Rebels

– A. Wainwright injury

– Ranking league pitching staffs

– Deep bench a luxury

– Moves still to be made if this team is going to compete for a championship.


Ramcast: Sunday Show #23

– Ramrod Baseball Stat relevance to player value

– Special call from uncle Walls

– Phantom Brigade pitching staff adjustments

– Dead Rebel belly aching


Haren today, gone for Morrow.

The Hebrew Nationals have traded Dan Haren and Javier Vasquez to the Phantom Brigade in exchange for Brandon Morrow, Jordan Zimmermann and Casey Kelly.

Will Colby cheese, or will Banuelos please?

Not to be out-shined by the Phantom Brigade, The Kosher Nostra have acquired Colby Rasmus for Bobby Abreu, Manny Banuelos, Tyler Matzek, Willin Rosario, and Chris Archer.

Conscious Daughters

Today or To Morrow?

The Phantom Brigade have agreed to send Jhoulys Chacin and Manny Banuelos to The Kosher Nostra in exchange for Brandon Morrow.

Ramcast: Sunday Show #22

– Whole Bunch Of Ramrod Goodness

– Baseball Cy Young/MVP awards

– Hockey/Basketball Crap