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Ramcast: Sunday Show #Epic Fail

The Audio on the recording tonight got messed up, I tried my best to salvage the recording, but it is probably only %10 understandable. I am not sure what happened, but I know it was my fault. This show was a roundtable of Myself, Devon, Walls, Gomez, Adam and BJ. We had an awesome conversation, we premiered like 4 new segments, one of which was BJ’s new  Medical Journal where the best information ever passed on this show was said, but all was lost because I messed up the recording. Go me.
(it wasn’t because we had to many speakers, the audio was out before anyone said a word.)
The make up show will be Tuesday, until then……
To all those involved tonight……it was our best show yet, so hopefully you do not take my production error personally and decide to join us for more round table discussions.

(not the show, just an apology)



The Joyce of Tex

The Kosher Nostra have attained Mark Teixeira from The Hebrew Nationals in exchange for Billy Butler, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Matt Joyce.

Ramcast: Sunday Show #43

– Fightin’ Rauls trophy run?

– Various trophy hunts

– Team philosophy

– BJ’s new Medical Corner

– Secret nuget at end of broadcast


Run for your life…its a poltergeist heist….

Fu-Philin My Texual Tensions

The Hebrew Nationals Acquire Mark Teixeira, Max Scherzer, John Lamb and the 2nd and 4th round picks from the Legion of Goons. In return The Goons receive Phil Hughes, Jesus Montero, Manny Machado, Martin Perez and 2 first round picks (legion of goons and kosher nostra).

Ramcast: Sunday Show #41

– No Phantom Brigade!!

– Owners Different Skill Sets

– Big Trades This Weeks

– Renegade Posse breakdown



CCing the league on a recent trade…

The Kosher Nostra have acquired CC Sabathia and Billy Butler from The Phantom Brigade in exchange for Prince Fielder and Ryan Dempster.

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Ramcast: Sunday Show #39

– Silver Bullet…AKA the Midnight Arsonist….Conspiricy Theories

– Virtuous Pagans and Legion of Goons Review

– How Long Until A Bottom Dwelling Team Finishes In The Money?

– Ramrod Winds Of Change Blowing


Ramcast: Sunday Show #37

– Trade Analysis

– Silver Bullet Fires Back

– Dereks Micro Nipples

– NFL Draft

– Please Comment or Eat Shit and Live