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Sleazy Peavy Whores It Up Again

The Kosher Nostra have traded Jake Peavy to the Phantom Brigade for Jonathan Singleton


Ramcast 49 Billion

– Ramrod Shit

– Derek’s Nipples

– 0 Farts, 1 almost puke


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Ramcast: Again

– Football Vote

– Phantom Brigade Breakdown or Mediocre Ghost Army or the 7th Place Solution

– 1 Fart on Air


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Football Vote Ends at Midnight

Tell your friends to vote if they have not yet already.

9 votes have been cast in the voting box on the right hand side of the website, that leaves three people.
Skyler – Yes
Devon – NO
Adam  – ?
Kenny  – ?
Ryan – ?
Dan – ?
Devon – ?
Justin – ?
Derek – ?
William – Yes

Ramrod Official Email List

I would appreciate it if everybody went to their Team Info Page (where you change your name, for each Ramrod Sport You play) and make sure that you are using the right email. If you do not receive trade offers into an email inbox that you check regularly then you can change it at the bottom of this Team info page, I would also appreciate it if after you made sure that you are using the correct email, that you unlock it for league members to see. If you do not want to, no big deal, but please send me what your preferred email address is to wicka172001@yahoo.com so I can contact you when needed.

Football Poll Closed: Vote Failed

The vote did not pass. Thank you gentlemen for your input and cooperation.

The Dead Rebels Have Acquired The State Farm Guy

The Dead Rebels have acquired RF the guy from the State Farm commercials (Carlos Quentin) and a 1st & 3rd round draft pick from the Phantom Brigade for CF Michael Bourne and SP Jaime Garcia.


Berkman’s Stock

The Kosher Nostra have acquired Lance Berkman from The Virtuous Pagans in exchange for Rubby De La Rosa and Jason Kubel.

Ramcast Super Califrajalistic Expraalidousious

– MoonDog Howling at Kid Wickirus


VOTE: Redo Football Waivers

It has been brought to my attention that some owners were uninformed about when the 2011 Ramrod Football Free Agents came off waivers. I have been asked to have a vote to see if the league wants to redo the free-agent process so far this season, and then start from scratch to give everyone another shot at the market, so I am obliging.
Please make your arguments in the comment section below, and then vote on the top right of the website.