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Twice The Rice And A Phat Blount

The Hebrew Nationals have agreed to send Ray Rice and Joseph Addai to The Kosher Nostra in exchange for Michael Turner and Marques Colston.

In a back-to-back move with the Kosher Nostra, the Hebrew Nationals then traded DeSean Jackson and LeGarrette Blount for Rashard Mendenhall and Mikel LeShoure.


Fallen Angels Become Dead Rebels

The Dead Rebels have traded Jair Jurrjens to the Renegade Posse for Howie Kendrick and a 3rd Round R.M.A. Draft pick.  
In a corresponding move, the Dead Rebels then acquired Dan Haren from the Phantom Brigade for Jason Kipnis, two 1st round and one 3rd round R.M.A. draft picks.

When asked about his recent flurry of moves, Owner/Manager of the Dead Rebels, Dr. Dead Rebel replied “Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyways.’

Ramcast #70

– Funny greatness and awesome silliness.


Beckham Gets Kipnis’d To The Curb

The Dead Rebels have traded Gordon Beckham to the Hegemon Hardballers for a 2nd round 2012 R.M.A. Draft pick.

After being acquired as one of the key pieces in last years  Ryan Braun trade with the Kosher Nostra. Beckham floundered for a little more than a season with the Dead Rebels, and became expendable with the recent call-up of Jason Kipnis.

Beckham seemed excited about the change of scenery, “I hope I’m like Chase Utley one day.”

Ramcast #69

– Lots of talking about how great we are

– When to take advice

– Big trades, big discussion


Shin Soo Choo Traded For Clay Buchholz

When Choo was asked how he felt about the Fightin’ Rauls trading him to the Hebrew Nationals he responded, “I’ll drink to that.”

Dr. Roy Halladay’s Diagnosis: the Dead are Rebels.

The Dead Rebels have acquired Roy Halladay and Alexi Ramirez from the Fight’n Rauls in exchange for Troy Tulowitski and Francisco Liriano.  The Dead Rebels also acquire the Fight’n Rauls 1sr round R.M.A. pick.

I had a Thought…..

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the three off days of all-star break is torturous due to the lack of no baseball or fantasy activity. It always falls Monday-Wednesday (two of my days off) and bores me to tears. So I had an idea that could cure the problem for all of us and make our league even more unified. So here is my proposal.

What if we turned 1 or 2 of those all star break days into our official “Midsummer’s Classic BBQ/Live Draft.” Meaning we would all come together have some beers and food discuss baseball since we have none to watch at that time. We would also do a live RMA draft for the annual new breed of prospects. I feel it would be a great way to pass the time and unify the league with an annual event to look foward to. It would also shake things up for the 2nd half of the season meaning teams would have a new slew of young men on their RMA squads. MLB does their draft midseason so i don’t see why we can’t. Not to mention I think it would serve a great purpose towards bettering Ramrod.
Just think next year, you won’t be saying to yourself “dammit, all-star break?? What am I gonna do now??” It will be more like “sweet, all-star break!! Friends, beers, food and a live RMA draft. So that was my thought. I think its great idea and wanted run it by my fellow managers. Feel free to respond and share your thoughts on this proposal.

Ramcast #67

– Lots of Crap

– No Nipple Talk, This Week


Phantom Brigade Acquire M. Prado

The Phantom Brigade have acquired M. Prado and B. Gardener ffrom the Dead Rebels for M. Bourn.