2010 Football Nominations

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2010 ROD’ers Football Nominations

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1. Best Manager
          a:  Hebrew Nationals – Justin W
          b: Conscious Daughters – William S
          c: Hegemon Hardballers – Daniel O
          d: Kosher Nostra – Devon R
          e. Fightn’ Fidels – Alexander G
2. Worst Manager
          a: Renegade Posse – Nathan S
          b: The Hooligans – Skyler S
          c: Red Dragons – Ryan H
3. Best Trade (for both teams) 
          a: Matt Forte (Kosher Nostra) for Marques Colston (Conscious Daughters) 
          b: Devin Hester (Red Dragons) for Pierre Thomas (Kosher Nostra)
4. Worst Trade (for one team)
          a: Chad Ochocinco and Brandon Jacobs (Red Dragons) for DeAngelo Williams, Steve Breaston, and Mario Manningham (Hebrew Nationals)
          b: Golden Tate (Kosher Nostra) for Charles Tillman (Conscious Daughters)
5. Most Improved Team:
          a: Hegemon Hardballers – Dan O
          b: Phantom Brigade – Adam M
6. Least Improved Team:
          a: Renegade Posse – Nathan S
          b: Legion of Goons – Derek T
          c: Dead Rebels – Alexander M
7. Worst Drop:
          a: Matt Cassell – Phantom Brigade
          b: Mathew Stafford – Dead Rebels       
8. Best Pick Up:
          a: Jered Mayo – Dead Rebels
          b: Peyton Hillis – Phantom Brigade
          c: Danny Woodhead – Conscious Daughters
          d: Brandon Lloyd – Hegemon Hardballers
          e. LeGarrette Blount – Hebrew Nationals
9. Next Years Winner :
          a: Hebrew Nationals – Justin W
          b: Conscious Daughters – William S
          c: Fightn’ Fidels – Alexander G
          d: Kosher Nostra – Devon R
10. Next Years Last Place:
          a: Renegade Posse – Nathan S
          b: Halfbreed Dominators – Kenny B
          c: The Hooligans – Skyler S