2010 R.D.L. Baseball

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And The Winners Are…..

1. Best Manager:  Alexander G. – Fightin’ Rauls
2. Worst Manager:  Dan O. – Nose Clams
3. Best Trade:  Dan Uggla/Logan Morrison – Season Rookies = Pedro Alvarez – Vaginal Hubris 
4. Worst Trade: Troy Tulowiski – Phantom Brigade = R.Nolasco and E.Andrus – Dead Rebels
5. Most Improved Team:  Stonecutters – Devon R
6. Least Improved Team: Legion of Goons – Derek T.
7. Worst Drop: Brett Wallace – Legion of Goons
8. Best Pick Up: Jose Bautista – Seasoned Rookies 
9. Worst Name: Vaginal Hubris – William S.
10. Best Name: Trevor Wilson Posse – Nathan S. (tied with Season Rookies, but name was assigned)
11. Next Years Winner : Stonecutters – Devon R
.12. Next Years Last Place: Nose Clams – Dan O.

25-Man Roster Notice

Please have your Rosters trimmed down to 25 men before next season.

That means drop whatever players you do not want to keep for the players that occupy your DL posisions.


Trade Embargo

Even though there has not been a trade between the Fight’n Rauls and The Dead Rebels for almost three seasons, I thought I would make it official.

I, Alexander Moore, Owner and General Managing Partner of The Dead Rebels, declare a Trade Emargo with The Fightn’ Rauls.

Reasons are varied and will only be discussed if this case is tried in The Ramrod Courts.


The Stonecutters have traded Chad Billingsley to The Phantom Brigade for Chase Headley and the rights to The Phantom Brigade’s 2011 Deep Dynasty pick.

Trade Alert!

The Stonecutters have acquired Mat Latos from The Trevor Wilson Posse for Ian Kennedy and Dustin Ackley.

Trade Alert!

The Malicious McCrackens and The Stonecutters have agreed to a trade. The Malicious McCrackens received Mark Reynolds, BJ Upton, and Clay Buccholz. The Stonecutters received Alex Rodriguez, Josh Beckett, and Ian Kennedy.

Legion of Goons Acquire Calros Gonzalez

The Phantom Brigade get:
Ricky Romero
The Legion of Goons get:

Carlos Gonzalez

Dustin Ackley Moved to The Kosher Nostra

The Seasoned Rookies and The Stonecutters have made a trade. The Seasoned Rookies received Trevor Cahill and Shane Victorino for Dustin Ackley and Marlon Byrd.

Nelson Cruz Traded to The Dead Rebels

The Devil Company acquired Nelson Cruz for Johan Santana from The Phantom Brigade.

Does anyone still use this thing? Markakis for Jones

The Stonecutters and Fightin’ Rauls have swapped Orioles outfielders, Nick Markakis and Adam, Jones. Nobody cares.