2010 R.D.L. Football

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2010 R.D.L. Football Trophy Winners

1. Hebrew Nationals – Justin W

2. Conscious Daughters – William S

3. Kosher Nostra – Devon R


2010 Ramrod Bowl

Conscious Daughters vs. the Hebrew Nationals.

2010 R.D.L. Football Playoffs

Congratulations to all teams who survived the R.D.L. season and have now advanced to the Ramrod Dynasty League Playoffs. The chase was a dogfight to the bitter end, and once again the old-time franchises staked their claims to make another run at their chance to play in the Ramrod Bowl; except for the Hegemon Hardballers, making their first R.D.L. Playoff appearance.

Fightn’ Fidels vs. Bye
Dead Rebels vs. Hebrew Nationals

Hegemon Hardballers vs. Bj’s Silly Team
The Stonecutters vs. Bye

Football Is Ready

Players Will be on Waivers until Friday, July 23.

You will have atleast 5 roster posistions to fill.

Good Luck.