2010 R.D.L. Hockey

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2010 Hockey Winners

 1. Conscious Daughters

2. Kosher Nostra

3. Hebrew Nationals


Shadow Assassins Obtain Ownership Of Hockey Team

Mikey M and the Shadow Assassins obtain ownership of the Mystic Wizard Tribe of R.D.L. Hockey. He now has Ownership in two different Ramrod Leagues, so we are hoping he can run his new Hockey team as well as his Basketball squad.

Blackout Brawlers Join Ramrod Family

Jeff B has assumed ownership of the Phantom Brigade in R.D.L. Hockey and renamed the Franchise the Blackout Brawlers. I expect a warm Ramrod welcome from everybody.

Hockey Trade

The Kosher Nostra received Brad Richards and Taylor Hall from The Hebrew Nationals in exchange for Evgeni Malkin and Keith Yandle.

Hockey Unlocked Tonight @10