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2011 Ramrod Minor Affiliates (R.M.A.) Draft

* Any player in question who was called up in September of the previous season and played in less than 10 games while also not finishing the season on a Ramrod Team Roster is eligible to be drafted.


1. Hegemon Hardballers – Bryce Harper – WN – RF
2. Seasoned Veterans – Mike Trout – LaA – CF
3. Legion of Goons – Brandon Belt – SF – 1B
4. Renegade Posse – Mike Moustakas – KC – 3B
5. The Stonecutters (traded from Phantom Brigade) – Julio Teheran – ATL – SP
6. Hebrew Nationals – Manny Machado – BAL -SS
7. BJ’s Silly Team – Grant Green – OAK – SS
8. Dead Rebels – Zack Wheeler – SF -SP
9. Legion of Goons (traded from The Stonecutters) – Michael Pineda – SEA – SP
10. Alexander G – Michael Choice – OAK – OF


11. Hegemon Hardballers -Wil Myers – KC – C
12. Seasoned Veterans – Matt Moore – TB – SP
13. Legion of Goons – Jameson Tallion – PIT – SP
14. Renegade Posse – Thomas Neal – SF – OF
15. Hegemon Hardballers -Brett Lawrie – MIL – 2B
16. Phantom Brigade – Casey Kelly – BOS – SP


1. Hegemon Hardballers – Lonnie Chisenhall – CLE – 3B
2. Seasoned Veterans – Zach Britton – BAL – SP
3. The Stonecutters (traded from Legion of Goons) – Aaron Hicks – MIN – OF
4. Renegade Posse – Brett Jackson – ChC – OF
5. Phantom Brigade – Hank Conger – ANA – C
6. Hebrew Nationals – Jacob Turner – DET – SP
7. BJ’s Silly Team – Jerry Sands – LA – 1B
8. Dead Rebels – Zack Cox- STL – 3B (traded from Fightn’ Rauls)
9. The Stonecutters – Shelby Miller – STL – SP
10. Fightn’ Fidels –Miguel Sano – MIN – 3B (traded from Dead Rebels)


1. Hegemon Hardballers (forfeited due to player rights/draft pick limit) –
2. Seasoned Veterans – Nick Castellanos – DET – 3B
3. Legion of Goons – John Lamb- KC-SP
4. Renegade Posse -Barret Loux – ARI – SP
5. Phantom Brigade – Donovan Tate – SD – OF
6. Hebrew Nationals – Trey McNutt – CHC – SP
7. BJ’s Silly Team – Kyle Gibson – MIN – SP
8. Dead Rebels – Jason Knapp – CLE – SP
9. The Stonecutters – Tyler Matzek – COL – SP
10. Dead Rebels (Traded from Fightn’ Fidels) – Devin Mesoraco – CIN – C


1. Hegemon Hardballers (IS forfeited due to player rights/draft pick limit) –
2. Seasoned Veterans – Simon Castro – SD – SP
3. Legion of Goons – Nick Franklin-SEA-SS
4. Renegade Posse – Tyler Chatwood – ANA – SP
5. Phantom Brigade – Manny Banuelos – NYY – SP
6. Hebrew Nationals – Nolan Aranado – COL – 3B
7. BJ’s Silly Team – Tyler Flowers – CWS – C
8. Dead Rebels – Jason Kipnis – 2B – CLE
9. The Stonecutters – Gary Sanchez – C – NYY
10. Fightn’ Rauls – Max Stassi- C – OAK

Round 5

1. Phantom Brigade – Jonathan Singleton – PHI -1B
2. BJ’s Silly Team – Arodys Vizcaino – ATL – SP
3. Fightn’ Fidels -Yordy Cabrera – OAK – SS
Supplemental Round
1.  Fightn’ Fidels – Michael Ynoa – OAK – SP
1. 5 Roster spots (so there will be 5 rounds to this years draft) Think of these 5 roster spots as your “minor league affiliate”
2. The Supplemental round will be after the 1st round and 5th round – The supplemental round after the 1st round includes extra pick for coming in 10th, 9th, 8th, (rewarded after every season) and other rewarded picks. For instance, this year Dan O., Nathan S. and Adam M. will have an extra pick for reparations. They will also have the early picks for the next two drafts. One for each season they were overlooked. The Supplemental round after the 5th round will include picks for teams who have traded earlier round draft rights.
3. You cannot have more than 5 rostered players/Rights to future draft picks – Teams with Early picks, Teams who have “traded up”, or Teams who own the Deep Dynasty rights of players from last season will forfeit their later round draft picks.
4. You may trade picks – If you trade the rights to a pick the receiving team must release the rights to one of their players to clear a spot on their minor league affiliate for the “future drafted player”. So if player “X” trades his first round pick to player “Y” player “Y” will have to immediately release a minor leaguer clear room for the spot he is using the upcoming draft to fill. Player “X” then forfeits his rights to the early round picks and then receives his make-up picks in the supplemental round after the 5th round of the draft. Player “X” may also trade for rights to another minor league player, then forfeiting his late supplemental round pick he would have received.
5. You may redraft or hold onto rights of players – Think of it like poker; you have five cards and you can choose to redraw as many as you want from the deck each year. If you choose to release three players, then you have picks in the first three rounds pertaining to your finish in the last season.
* There is a Tab on the top of the Ramrod Blog site where all player rights and traded draft picks will be chronicled. Make your picks in the comment thread on this post. Each team has until midnight the next day to make their pick after previous pick is made or they forfeit pick.
Results will be filled on this post after each pick in the comments. Official minor league Ramrod rosters will be chronicled under the “R.M.A.” tab. (Ramrod Minor Affiliates)
*Also please post in the comments or text me what you want your Minor League Affiliates name to be.