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Twice The Rice And A Phat Blount

The Hebrew Nationals have agreed to send Ray Rice and Joseph Addai to The Kosher Nostra in exchange for Michael Turner and Marques Colston.

In a back-to-back move with the Kosher Nostra, the Hebrew Nationals then traded DeSean Jackson and LeGarrette Blount for Rashard Mendenhall and Mikel LeShoure.


Football Vote Ends at Midnight

Tell your friends to vote if they have not yet already.

9 votes have been cast in the voting box on the right hand side of the website, that leaves three people.
Skyler – Yes
Devon – NO
Adam  – ?
Kenny  – ?
Ryan – ?
Dan – ?
Devon – ?
Justin – ?
Derek – ?
William – Yes

Football Poll Closed: Vote Failed

The vote did not pass. Thank you gentlemen for your input and cooperation.

VOTE: Redo Football Waivers

It has been brought to my attention that some owners were uninformed about when the 2011 Ramrod Football Free Agents came off waivers. I have been asked to have a vote to see if the league wants to redo the free-agent process so far this season, and then start from scratch to give everyone another shot at the market, so I am obliging.
Please make your arguments in the comment section below, and then vote on the top right of the website.

Rivalry Weeks

This year and every year moving forward there will be three Rivalry weeks.

The first is week 9, you will play your inter-division rival.
The second week is week 10, you will play your inter-division rival again. Two weeks straight of playing the same team. You only play your division teams twice, so these will be the only two weeks you play your rival. You will play your rival back-to-back weeks every season moving forward.
The last is week 14 (the last week of the regular-season) where you will play your out-of division rival. From this season forward you will play that same out-of-division rival every week 14, every season. You will always end the season against the same team.
If you have a problem with your -inter-division/out-of-division rivals and you would like to challenge someone else, make your threats on this board for everyone to see your hate for said player. I am willing to change the rivalries  this year, though I think what I have set up should make everybody semi-happy, so after this season all rivals will be set. (Just as Divisions were set last year).
Thanks guys, over-all this doesn’t have any kind of effect other than the order of which you play your games, it is really all about just forcing hatred upon one another for no other reason than because they give us an option to have Rivalry weeks.

R.D.L. Football 2011

Please have your waivers claims made by midnight Saturday, players will clear waivers on Sunday.

Ramrod Vote: Consolation Playoffs Winner—FAILED


5 NO


(Proposed By Skyler S and Kenny B)

That the winner of the Consolation’s Playoffs (teams who didn’t make playoffs) gets the first waiver priority at the beginning of the next season. There is an actual brackett for this on the Yahoo! League Page, we would not have to make one up.

This would:

– Allow all teams to enjoy competing until the end of the season.

– All teams would have something to play for, no matter how they finished the Ramrod Regular Season

-There would be no more pay off for losing on purpose. Not to say this happens, but it would definitely prevent it in the future.

Ramrod Votes need 2/3 of the Owners vote to pass.

The bill needs 8/12 votes to be input into the Constitution/Rulebook.

Place a vote here. There is also a Voting Both on the top right of this page.

Dead Rebels – Alex M – Yes

Hebrew Nationals – Justin W – Yes

Kosher Nostra – Devon R – Yes

Fightn’ Fidels – NO

Th Hooligans – Skyler S – YES

Halfbreed Dominators – Kenny B –YES

Legion of Goons – Derek T – NO

Conscious Daughters – William S – YES

Hegemon Hardballers – Dan O- NO

Phantom Brigade – Adam M – YES

Red Dragons – Ryan H – NO

Renegade Posse – Nathan S – NO