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Football Vote Ends at Midnight

Tell your friends to vote if they have not yet already.

9 votes have been cast in the voting box on the right hand side of the website, that leaves three people.
Skyler – Yes
Devon – NO
Adam  – ?
Kenny  – ?
Ryan – ?
Dan – ?
Devon – ?
Justin – ?
Derek – ?
William – Yes

Ramrod Official Email List

I would appreciate it if everybody went to their Team Info Page (where you change your name, for each Ramrod Sport You play) and make sure that you are using the right email. If you do not receive trade offers into an email inbox that you check regularly then you can change it at the bottom of this Team info page, I would also appreciate it if after you made sure that you are using the correct email, that you unlock it for league members to see. If you do not want to, no big deal, but please send me what your preferred email address is to wicka172001@yahoo.com so I can contact you when needed.

Fantasy Baseball 2011 Is Up

I will have the league put together by tomorrow. All team are registered except for the Kosher Nostra.


Ramcast: SUPER Sunday Show #4

We will be broadcasting live at halftime of the Super Bowl on location from Gomez’s house. I hope you join us.

Sunday Show Live @ 10:00

Tonight will be our first live broadcast. All you have to do to participate is go this link and watch the screen. ——> The Ramrod Show.

If you would like to watch the live broadcast of the The Ramrod Show on our website…..this is the best part……go to our station by clicking the Ramcast tab. If we are broadcasting live it will appear there, every time, automatically.

Ramrod on Facebook – Rambook Needs a Site Monitor

I hate Facebook. As a person, I am not on it. Nor do I want to run Ramrod Facebook site. But I am no dummy, and I know how powerful a communication tool the network is, and if we ever want the Ramrod Dynasty League to be the global brand that we all strive for it to be, it would be stupid not to use the resources available to us.
I set-up a skeleton version of the site, basically just to lay claim to the name on Facebook. Now, what I would like, is if someone felt like they wanted to, is to Run, Monitor, just be in charge of the site. I do not care who it is, it just is not going to be me.
 If no one wants to do it, chances are the Facebook page will never be changed/updated again. That is just fine with me, but I thought i would set it up and if anyone wanted to take the reins, great. If not, who cares.
I feel like this could be an important position in the Ramrod Hierarchy if we get the right person, someone who wants to do it, made it get all Facebooky and popular and shit. But if we don’t, not skin off my back.

Ramrod Franchise Names

Every team needs an “Official Name” for the Record Books and Standings. I do not care what you name your team on the actual Yahoo! site is, change it whenever you want to whatever makes you happy. Think of this new name (or official adoption of an old name) as your Franchise name, and whatever you decide to have your team name be on your actual team page be more like a secondary name, an alias of sorts.
I will only allow a “Franchise” name change if the league approves it by vote. This is because after you choose your name I am going to go back and associate everything on this website that has to do with the Team you Own and change it to your Franchise name. So that includes Post Labels, the Standing’s Board, Team News,….ect. Simply put, its a pain in the ass that I do not want to have to do over and over again.
Your Franchise name can be different per sport. I do not mind different names for Baseball, Football, and so on, but you will commit to a name for each sport if you choose not to have one individual brand, and stay with it.

Alexander M – Dead Rebels
Devon R – Kosher Nostra
Justin W – Hebrew Nationals
Daniel O – Hegemon Hardballers
William S – Conscious Daughters
Derek T – Legion of Goons
Jarrod C – Mystic Wizard Tribe
Sklyer S –  Tong Clan Hooligans
Alexander G – Fightin Fidels
Patrick P – Virtuous Pagans
Nathan S – Renegade Posse
Adam M – Phantom Brigade
Kenny B – Halfbreed Dominaters
Ryan H – Red Dragons
Mike M – Shadow Assassins

Ramrod Constitution

I feel like am the Lone Chief Wolf in a Pack of Alpha’s. I cannot leave my baby wolves (Ramorod Leagues) to be raised by the pack(a reference to making ramrod %100 Democratic). There would be some Wolves that would nature and care for my baby wolves (Ramrod Leagues), and some that would rip them to shreds and eat there bones.

But as the Lone Chief Wolf, in a growing pack of Alpha Wolves becoming Elders, I have to Learn to share responsibility of the rearing of our shared Baby Wolves (Ramrod).

– We have to decide exactly what kind of changes require voting, and make a specific list. There are way to many choices as commissioner I have to make to have everything voted on.

– Every member of the league votes or the vote is invalid.

– Voting Always takes place in the off season. It Gives Managers time to reflect on the season and also time to lobby for changes they want passed. There is nothing we can vote on when it comes to League changes that I can change during the season anyways. Vote in off season, effective following season.

– Executive Veto : I have put my blood, sweat, tears and good years into creating and raising these baby Wolves (Ramrod). I am at the point of comfort where I would gladly help raise one of your own baby wolves (if a Ramrod member created another league I would join it without resentment), but these baby wolves are mine. So If we go Democratic, I want the right to have an executive veto. If I veto something, it would be re-voted on and would only need a 5/10 instead of a 7/10 to pass. Then if that fails, I reserve the right to have one Super Duper Executive Veto, per sport, per year, where I can just deny the bill flat.

– And No more false accusations of stealing deer meat for my self and power moves to eat my baby wolves. My plan is to pass down Ramrod to our families one day, with my blood line as Commissioner. (If I don’t have Kids it would go to my Godson Dylan. If he didn’t want it I would choose a different successor.) If we all start eating and sharing from the same dead carcass’s, there will be more trust in the next hunt. Like I said before, I more than support the birth of more baby wolves (Ramrod team owner created leagues) and will more than happily help you raise them. (Look how great of an addition Globex was to the pack, and someone needs to start the sport by sport champions leagues) so please stop threatening to eat my baby wolves.

So lets go to Liberty Hall and bang these amendments out. (The first two Ramrod Constitutional Amendments are on the Ramrod blog-site.)

2010 Ramrod Dynasty League Opening Day

Good Luck To All. I hope everyone Enjoys themselves. 
Viva La Ramrod!!!
Elogie el perro feo!!

Ramrod Upgrades

Take a look around the site. Lots of changes made, lots more still to come.