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Proposed Amendment: Money/Material Transactions



10 Managers
4 Co-managers

2/3 the league is the official rule for Ramrod Voting for Constitutional Amendments.

This Bill needs 9/14 votes To Pass in order for it to be put into the Ramrod Constitution.


The Curious Case of Tommy Hanson

We have all heard about it and we all know something happened involving Tommy Hanson and the waiver last year but not everyone knows EXACTLY what happened. I am not here to state the case and the specifics, but I am here to create the forum where the case will be hashed out. We added the waiver system to rid this town of the outlaw element. Well gentlemen, Deadwood is getting its first court case. *


The Stonecutters

Each person needs to state their case as to what happened in their eyes. If you have evidence, present it. After each person states their case it will go to a league vote where the question will be asked, was Tommy Hanson acquired by restrntsonahotdogbun last off season. in a fair way, in accordance with the laws of Ramrod. Majority wins and if you choose not to vote your vote is a non vote. In the case of a tie commissioner Soul Rebel becomes the tie breaker. **

Use the comment thread to state your case gentlemen.

*This has been approved by the Commissioner.
**This has not been approved by the Commissioner but is my proposal for the process.

Head 2 Head

Subjects that need discussion:
  • we can have FREE AGENT budgets with our waiver system. That means everyone would have the same chance to bid on a player and whomever bids higher gets the player. If there is a TIE BID then it goes to old school waiver priority between the two highest bidders
  • This league should be HEAD 2 HEAD. Imagine having two Divisions of 5 teams. Division winners make playoffs. Everyone has a chance to win a Ramrod Title. For the bottom rung teams, it goes from like a ten year wait to compete to maybe making the playoffs and possibly winning Ramrod this year. The winner would not be decided until the last day, rather than at the beggining of August. <—-I would really like this and think it would make the league so much more fun and competitive.
  • We could have the Head to Head be: Win by Stat Catagories exaample- 5-3. If you won you got 5 points, if you lost you got 3. Or we can have winner gets 1 point, loser gets 0 towards overall standings. Example- 1-0.
Rivalries would build, the competition would grow, and winning the league will actually be like Managing a real Baseball team to the playoffs and then to the WORLD SERIES.
Do we not want a RAMROD WORLD SERIES?

RP slot VS. P slot for Ramrod Baseball 2010

Next year for Baseball would the league prefer to have 2 “RP” slots or should we switch the fifth “SP” to just a “P” slot.  eliminate the second “RP” slot. It would create a extra bench slot allowing more roster flexibility.

You would still be able to play two Closers, there would just be a decision to make on days when you have 5 “SP’s” going and need the “P” slot, adding a little more stategy to the league.

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