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Ramrod Franchise Names

Every team needs an “Official Name” for the Record Books and Standings. I do not care what you name your team on the actual Yahoo! site is, change it whenever you want to whatever makes you happy. Think of this new name (or official adoption of an old name) as your Franchise name, and whatever you decide to have your team name be on your actual team page be more like a secondary name, an alias of sorts.
I will only allow a “Franchise” name change if the league approves it by vote. This is because after you choose your name I am going to go back and associate everything on this website that has to do with the Team you Own and change it to your Franchise name. So that includes Post Labels, the Standing’s Board, Team News,….ect. Simply put, its a pain in the ass that I do not want to have to do over and over again.
Your Franchise name can be different per sport. I do not mind different names for Baseball, Football, and so on, but you will commit to a name for each sport if you choose not to have one individual brand, and stay with it.

Alexander M – Dead Rebels
Devon R – Kosher Nostra
Justin W – Hebrew Nationals
Daniel O – Hegemon Hardballers
William S – Conscious Daughters
Derek T – Legion of Goons
Jarrod C – Mystic Wizard Tribe
Sklyer S –  Tong Clan Hooligans
Alexander G – Fightin Fidels
Patrick P – Virtuous Pagans
Nathan S – Renegade Posse
Adam M – Phantom Brigade
Kenny B – Halfbreed Dominaters
Ryan H – Red Dragons
Mike M – Shadow Assassins