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Football Vote Ends at Midnight

Tell your friends to vote if they have not yet already.

9 votes have been cast in the voting box on the right hand side of the website, that leaves three people.
Skyler – Yes
Devon – NO
Adam  – ?
Kenny  – ?
Ryan – ?
Dan – ?
Devon – ?
Justin – ?
Derek – ?
William – Yes

Ramrod Official Email List

I would appreciate it if everybody went to their Team Info Page (where you change your name, for each Ramrod Sport You play) and make sure that you are using the right email. If you do not receive trade offers into an email inbox that you check regularly then you can change it at the bottom of this Team info page, I would also appreciate it if after you made sure that you are using the correct email, that you unlock it for league members to see. If you do not want to, no big deal, but please send me what your preferred email address is to wicka172001@yahoo.com so I can contact you when needed.

Ramcast: Ramrod Show on USTREAM

GO TO THIS LINK —-> The Ramrod Show on USTREAM: .

On Sundays, at 10:00, if you click this link (There is another link on the left side of the Ramrod website in the Social Club toolbox) you will be able to WATCH us record the Sunday Show LIVE. This is a free service and costs us nothing, all we have to do is put up with the ads that pop up every two minutes or so for a brief second. If you want to call in you will be able to watch us in real time, so be there or be a stupid person.

Ramrod on Facebook – Rambook Needs a Site Monitor

I hate Facebook. As a person, I am not on it. Nor do I want to run Ramrod Facebook site. But I am no dummy, and I know how powerful a communication tool the network is, and if we ever want the Ramrod Dynasty League to be the global brand that we all strive for it to be, it would be stupid not to use the resources available to us.
I set-up a skeleton version of the site, basically just to lay claim to the name on Facebook. Now, what I would like, is if someone felt like they wanted to, is to Run, Monitor, just be in charge of the site. I do not care who it is, it just is not going to be me.
 If no one wants to do it, chances are the Facebook page will never be changed/updated again. That is just fine with me, but I thought i would set it up and if anyone wanted to take the reins, great. If not, who cares.
I feel like this could be an important position in the Ramrod Hierarchy if we get the right person, someone who wants to do it, made it get all Facebooky and popular and shit. But if we don’t, not skin off my back.

Comment, Connections and Question

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