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Hockey and Basketball Managers Wanted

Ramrod has numerous delinquent teams that are negligent on putting their players in. Adding Kenny B. by Co-manager and transferring the complete rights to him next year worked pretty smoothly, so we will follow the same process.
Managers looking to join would take over team a.s.a.p. and would obtain full ownership next season.
Teams Looking for Owners
Renegade Posse – Nathan S
Renegade Posse – Nathan S
Phantom Brigade – Adam M
Mystic Wizard Tribe – Jerrod C
Teams Needing Co-Managers

Red Dragons – Ryan H


Legion of Goons – Derek T


Legion of Goons – Derek T


Red Dragons Looking For Co-Manager

The Red Dragons are looking for a Co-Manager for the 2011-and beyond seasons of the Ramrod Dynasty Football League.
Ryan H has committed to retain ownership of the Red Dragons, but has requested a search for someone who is:
-Willing to take over full General Manager responsibilities.
– Willing to commit to roll as Co-Manager/GM for extended period.
Thats it. Whomever he chooses will receive a trophy on the Yahoo! Profile, and credit on this website in the Co-Manager section.  

Football Is Ready

Players Will be on Waivers until Friday, July 23.

You will have atleast 5 roster posistions to fill.

Good Luck.