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Ramcast: Sunday Show #22

– Whole Bunch Of Ramrod Goodness

– Baseball Cy Young/MVP awards

– Hockey/Basketball Crap



Ramcast: Sunday Show Ramrodio

Sunday Show #6

– Recent Baseball Trades

– Legion of Goons/Hebrew Nationals Trade

– Phantom Brigade on the Warpath

-Globex Fantasy Corporation Baseball 2011


Ramcast: Sunday SUPER Show #4

– Josh Hamilton traded to Phantom Brigade
– More R.M.A. Review
– Silver Bullet Q&A
– Visit with Alexander G.
– Questions about RDL Baseball 40-man roster


Ramcast: Sunday Show #3

– R.M.A. roster size

– Silver Bullet Calls in for one question

– Projections for individual baseball players

– The Conscious Daughters new Co-Manager

– New Manger for Hockey


*It was very hot next to the fire. I needed a sweat rag very badly.

Ramcast: Ramrod Show on USTREAM

GO TO THIS LINK —-> The Ramrod Show on USTREAM: .

On Sundays, at 10:00, if you click this link (There is another link on the left side of the Ramrod website in the Social Club toolbox) you will be able to WATCH us record the Sunday Show LIVE. This is a free service and costs us nothing, all we have to do is put up with the ads that pop up every two minutes or so for a brief second. If you want to call in you will be able to watch us in real time, so be there or be a stupid person.