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Ramcast: Sunday Show #33

– Basketball/Hockey changing to head2head?

– 2 new segments: Trading Block & Moves of the week

– Baseball is awesome



Ramcast: Sunday Show #25

– Hockey and Basketball briefly

– Standout performances that caught our eye

– R.M.A. strategy

– Know your Rules and shut your mouths


Ramcast: Sunday Show

– Evolution of Shortstops

– Minor League Stats

– Hockey And Basketball Trophy Races

– Kosher Nostra/Virtuous Pagans


Sunday Ramrodio #14

– A. Wainwright Injured. What to do when you lose an All-Star.

– Re-Ranking of the Pitching Staffs

– Hockey Trade Deadline

– Basketball and Hockey trophy races

– Respects to Duke Snider, team break downs begin tomorrow.


(*Subdued sound past two weeks due to me not having the microphone sensitivity up to adequate levels. The problem has been fixed moving forward…The 1st two Ramrod Baseball preseason team breakdowns were also recorded tonight and will have the same subdued sound. Apologies to those who cannot turn the volume up on their computer)

Ramcast: Sunday SUPER Show #4

– Josh Hamilton traded to Phantom Brigade
– More R.M.A. Review
– Silver Bullet Q&A
– Visit with Alexander G.
– Questions about RDL Baseball 40-man roster


Ramcast: Sunday Show #3

– R.M.A. roster size

– Silver Bullet Calls in for one question

– Projections for individual baseball players

– The Conscious Daughters new Co-Manager

– New Manger for Hockey


*It was very hot next to the fire. I needed a sweat rag very badly.

Ramcast: Sunday Ramrodio #2


We had our first caller, Adam M. He called my cell phone (wrong phone line, shitty speakers on iphones) from now on I will send out a mass text message when we start and  if you would like to call in, call my House Line. We have tested that quality and it sounds great. If you do not have my House number, text message me and I will give it to you.
– Kosher Nostra/Hebrew Nationals Hockey Trade
– New Owners to replace crap owners
– Close competition in basketball
– Shadow Assassins up and coming Basketball Team
– Football Congratulations
– Bryce Harpers value
– Size of R.M.A.
– Dead Rebels youth Philosophy
– Jose Reyes value

Ramcast: Sunday Ramrodio #1

– The Importance of the R.M.A.

– Roster Changes for Baseball

– Clearing DL slots at the end of Fantasy Seasons

– Dead Rebels Dropping Joe Johnson in Basketball

– Warning issued to our regular losers: Don’t finish last or…..(and it is not getting kicked from the league)

– Plans to buy Trophy for Football and Commissioners plaque for Baseball

– Surprise guest/song next week


Ramcast: Sunday Ramrodio #0

The Zero episode. Repo Man and the Dead Rebel. Enjoy.

– What the Ramcast is going to be

– Changes on the Ramrod website

– Projects that are currently underway

– Future of Ramrod