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The Stonecutters v. Restrntsonahotdogbun ( The Tommy Hanson Rule)

The curious case of Tommy Hanson has been settled out of court.

The Stonecutters agreed to the proposed deal of dropping the case for the first pick in the 2010 Baseball Deep Dynasty Draft.

In Result, The Stonecutters Pick (#3) will go to The McPoyles.

The McPoyles will also retain the #1 pick after The Stonecutters compensation pick.

Please check the 2010 Baseball Deep Dynasty Draft.

The Tommy Hanson Rule: No players waiver date shall be moved forward.

* This does not apply to Manager with #1 waiver posistion


The Curious Case of Tommy Hanson

We have all heard about it and we all know something happened involving Tommy Hanson and the waiver last year but not everyone knows EXACTLY what happened. I am not here to state the case and the specifics, but I am here to create the forum where the case will be hashed out. We added the waiver system to rid this town of the outlaw element. Well gentlemen, Deadwood is getting its first court case. *


The Stonecutters

Each person needs to state their case as to what happened in their eyes. If you have evidence, present it. After each person states their case it will go to a league vote where the question will be asked, was Tommy Hanson acquired by restrntsonahotdogbun last off season. in a fair way, in accordance with the laws of Ramrod. Majority wins and if you choose not to vote your vote is a non vote. In the case of a tie commissioner Soul Rebel becomes the tie breaker. **

Use the comment thread to state your case gentlemen.

*This has been approved by the Commissioner.
**This has not been approved by the Commissioner but is my proposal for the process.