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A Change of GIOgraphy – G. Gonzalez Acquired by The Dead Rebels

The Dead Rebels have acquired OAK SP G. Gonzalez from the Legion of Goons for MIN LF D. Young, SF SP Z. Wheeler, and 2 1st round picks.


Devil Company: Javier Vazquez on the Block

Javier Vazquez is on the Trading Block.

I woulds like some more depth at RF.

He could be a solid  #3 or #4 guy on your team!!!

23 wins this year with the Yankee’s. 100%.

Scott Kazmir on Ramrod Trading Block

Scott Kazmir

I forgot he was on the Angels. I kept him last year and it is not like he is on the Dodgers, so I am not going to give him away, but I would like to move him for some outfield Depth or a Pitching Prospect or two.