Trade Embargos

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Embargo Over!! Conscious Daughters Lift Sanctions

The Conscious Daughters have lifted their embargo with the Kosher Nostra.


Dead Rebels Lift Embargos

The Trade Embargo between the Kosher Nostra/Fightn’ Fidels and the Dead Rebels has been lifted by the Manager of the Dead Rebels.

An Offer I Can Refuse……

Now that the Stonecutters have joined the Underworld group, the Kosher Nostra, the Dead Rebels are declaring their 2nd trade embargo for the sole reason that Biker Gangs don’t get along with Organized Crime Family’s.

Devon R = Devmon = Moondog = Arnold RODstein = Meyer RAMsky

Trade Embargo

Even though there has not been a trade between the Fight’n Rauls and The Dead Rebels for almost three seasons, I thought I would make it official.

I, Alexander Moore, Owner and General Managing Partner of The Dead Rebels, declare a Trade Emargo with The Fightn’ Rauls.

Reasons are varied and will only be discussed if this case is tried in The Ramrod Courts.

BJ And Devon Trade Embargo

I’m putting up an embargo against BJ’s team. However, unlike the Cuba/US embargo, mine will actually matter.


The Kosher Nostra/Conscious Daughters Trade Embargo

I am setting an indefinite trade embargo with the stonecutters. This trade embargo will only be valid in leagues that count (ie ramrod). No trades will be made either directly or through third party with the stonecutter and the restaurants on a hot dog bun. I am taking a page out of the american-cuban handbook. I am also changing my name to the ace of fakes. thank you kindly.