2010 Football Winners

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And The 2010 R.D.L. Football ROD’er Winners Are…..

1. Best Manager: Justin W – Hebrew Nationals

2. Worst Manager: Nathan S – Renegade Posse

3. Best Trade: Matt Forte (Kosher Nostra) for Marques Colston (Conscious Daughters) 

4. Worst TradeGolden Tate (Kosher Nostra) for Charles Tillman (Conscious Daughters) 

5. Most Improved Team: Phantom Brigade – Adam M

6. Least Improved Team: Renegade Posse – Nathan S

7. Worst Drop: Matt Cassell – Phantom Brigade

8. Best Pick Up: Peyton Hillis – Phantom Brigade

9. Next Years Winner: TIE – Kosher Nostra/Fightn’ Fidels

10. Next Years LoserRenegade Posse