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Dr. Roy Halladay’s Diagnosis: the Dead are Rebels.

The Dead Rebels have acquired Roy Halladay and Alexi Ramirez from the Fight’n Rauls in exchange for Troy Tulowitski and Francisco Liriano.  The Dead Rebels also acquire the Fight’n Rauls 1sr round R.M.A. pick.


Fightin’ Rauls

– Built to win in Ramrod

– A bit long in the tooth

– Three years in a row don’t lie

– Stop Lingering as Champ (it’s tearing us apart)


Sabathia A Revolutionary No More

In the Phantom Brigade’s quest to acquire a top pitcher to go along with offensive acquisition Josh Hamilton, they send Matt Garza and Chad Billingsley to the Fightin’ Rauls for CC Sabathia and Chris Sale. Word out of Havana is that Garza and Billingsley are in route to get fitted for their green fatigues and cigars. Beards are not out of the question for the coming season. No word from the after life when Sale and Sabathia will officially dawn their ghostly shrouds and begin to haunt the opera.

5 R.D.L. Baseball Questions?

1. Are the Fightn’ Fidels a lock to repeat for a 4th straight year?

          – Almost. The Fightn’ Fidels not only have the two most powerful CG/SHO pitchers in the league on their staff (C. Lee, R. Halladay), but they are also returning a slew of talented young players who were injured for the most part of the 2010 season (K. Morales, D. Pedroia, A. Bailey). Though their R.M.A. team has some talented pieces, they are all a few seasons away, so in order for the Fidels to repeat again they have to hope for another strong season from their veteran core and a couple of good mid-season trades/pick ups to solidify their bench positions.

2. Who are the real Hebrew Nationals? 
          – Over the first month into the 2010 season the Nationals were competing for last place, but by the end of the season were able to make some beneficial moves that allowed them to move back into 5th place. The answer is obvious here. Justin W is one of the premier owners in the league, and proved last year that he could do what he needed to get done in case a disaster struck. The beginning of the 2010 season for the Nationals was a fluke, and I expect them vying for a trophy in the 2011 campaign.
3. Will certain owners increase their league awareness/roster management activity in order to keep pace with the rest of the league?

          – Yes. These managers have been told that if they cannot handle the work load of being a Ramrod owner that they need to find a Co-manager to actively run the day to day roster management, or they will be assigned one by the league; and also that their participation on this blog is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.
4. What team is going to be the surprise squad of the year? 
          – The Virtuous Pagans (formally the Seasoned Veterans) were in the middle of the pack last season until a string of injuries decelerated the progress the team was making. After having an excellent R.M.A. draft, the Pagans have set them selves up for more of the same prospect for prime style trades that allowed them to flourish in the early part of the 2010 season. I would not be surprised to see an emptied R.M.A. squad for a  much improved starting lineup by the All-Star break. I could see a 5th or 6th place finish here.
5. Who is the most important player to their Ramrod team?
          – It is a tie. The Fightn’ Fidels C. Lee and R. Halladay. The fact is they can almost guarantee to finish 1st in CG’s and SHO’s, and that gives the Fightn’ Fidels a 17-20 point advantage in the standings. They are the foundation of the Fidels rotation, and two of the main reasons why they have won three straight Ramrod Baseball Gold Medals.

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Dead Rebels Lift Embargos

The Trade Embargo between the Kosher Nostra/Fightn’ Fidels and the Dead Rebels has been lifted by the Manager of the Dead Rebels.

2010 R.D.L. Football Playoffs

Congratulations to all teams who survived the R.D.L. season and have now advanced to the Ramrod Dynasty League Playoffs. The chase was a dogfight to the bitter end, and once again the old-time franchises staked their claims to make another run at their chance to play in the Ramrod Bowl; except for the Hegemon Hardballers, making their first R.D.L. Playoff appearance.

Fightn’ Fidels vs. Bye
Dead Rebels vs. Hebrew Nationals

Hegemon Hardballers vs. Bj’s Silly Team
The Stonecutters vs. Bye

Your 2010 3-peat champion: The Fightin Rauls

aka Cooze Blast
aka A Slew of Young Men
aka The7thPlaceSolution
aka Mediocre Ghost Army
aka Platypus Navy
aka DeadDevilSoulRebellion
aka Of Mice and Mayhem

C- Brain McCann
1B- Ryan Howard
2B- Dustin Pedroia
SS- Alexei Ramirez
3B- Evan Longoria
IF- Kendry Morales
LF- Carl Crawford
CF- Torii Hunter
RF- Andre Ethier
OF- Matt Kemp
UTL- Aramis Ramirez
UTL- Carlos Beltram

BN- Dayan Viciedo
BN- Kelly Johnson

SP- Roy Halladay
SP- Cliff Lee
SP- Jon Lester
SP- Josh Johnson
RP- Andrew Bailey
RP- Heath Bell

BN- Matt Garza
BN- Brett Anderson
BN- Johan Santana
BN- Chad Billingsley
BN- Ian Kennedy

A Slew Of Young Men
Michael Choice – OAK – OF
Miguel Sano – MIN – 3B
Max Stassi – OAK – C
Michael Ynoa – OAK- SP
Yordy Cabrera – OAK -SS

Trade Embargo

Even though there has not been a trade between the Fight’n Rauls and The Dead Rebels for almost three seasons, I thought I would make it official.

I, Alexander Moore, Owner and General Managing Partner of The Dead Rebels, declare a Trade Emargo with The Fightn’ Rauls.

Reasons are varied and will only be discussed if this case is tried in The Ramrod Courts.

Trade Alert

The Phantom Brigade and the Fightin’ Rauls completed a trade over the All Star Break. THe Phantom Brigade received Dayan Viciedo and Francisco Liriano in exchange for Johan Santana and Aramis Ramirez.

Does anyone still use this thing? Markakis for Jones

The Stonecutters and Fightin’ Rauls have swapped Orioles outfielders, Nick Markakis and Adam, Jones. Nobody cares.