2010 R.D.L. Basketball

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2010 Basketball Winners

1. Hebrew Nationals

2. Dead Rebels

3. Kosher Nostra 

Pau Gasol Gains National-ship!!!

The Hebrew Nationals have traded Rudy Gay, Darren Collison, and Brook Lopez to The Kosher Nostra for Pau Gasol and Jason Kidd.

Billups & Nowitzki for Chris Paul

The Hebrew Nationals have acquired Dirk Nowitzki and Chauncey Billips from The Kosher Nostra in exchange for Chris Paul.

B.Roy for J. Rich? Now vs. Future?

The Dead Rebels have traded for SG/SF Brandon Roy in exchange for SG/SF Jason Richardson.

Ramrod Basketball Ready

Waivers end in 2 days. Good Luck.