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Mt. Ramrod

Mt Ramrod
1. Had to have appeared on 5 Final-Day RDL (Ramrod Dynasty League) rosters. Only seasons when player finished on a RDL Final-Day roster qualify for his Mt. Ramrod credentials.
2. Must have finished on the Final-Day roster of atleast 3 teams that won a trophy. (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Can be with multiple teams. If player was on the Final-Day roster of a Championship team, he does not have to have won 2 other trophies to qualify.
3. If player appeared on 5 final-day rosters of the same RDL team he qualifies for enshrinement nomination with said team. A Championship with a team is not an automatic enshrinement with said team. If player did not finish on the same Final-Day RDL roster 5 times, he becomes enshrined with team whom player had highest finish with. If said players highest finish is tied with multiple RDL teams, the tie breaker will be years servered with team.
4. Must be voted in with atleast 2/3 majority of whichever league player qualifies. Mt. Ramrod voters will consided his qualified Stats, Trohpy Finish’s, his importance to the RDL, and his “sports-mystique.” Every catagory should be considered equally, one shall not be considered more important than the other.
5. Must be retired from pro-sports.
* Any player who meets above requirements qualifies for nomination.
* There is a Championship Commision where players could also be voted in if previously disqualified. ALL Champions of pertaining league must vote for the player to qualify.